The Sweet Moments

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The Sweet Moments

Post by JL on Sat Jul 02, 2016 4:40 am

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Laugh Out Loud moments thread, and am keeping a log of what everyone posts so I can go back and reread all those passages Smile  Could I add a thread to the campout?  Would people be willing to share their favorite "Sweet Moments" in the books?  Sweet moments would be overt shows of affection, understanding, companionship, etc.  It can be between couples, groups, or even between the men and the animals, like the way Flynn feeds Bandit from his hand.  Any takers?

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Re: The Sweet Moments

Post by sassyshadowchance6 on Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:34 am

JL - I'll pop out of my usual hiding spot to add one of my favorite sweet scenes from SBR. It's at the end of chapter 22, when Mia's having her baby. The whole scene is gorgeous, peaceful and so touching. To me, however, the moment that really stands out is this:

"Face to face now, Mia was nuzzling and licking her foal and he had his face up to hers to nose back. Calm, close. Watching, mesmerised, Dale felt Flynn’s arm wrap tightly around his waist and Flynn shift so he was standing solidly against Dale’s back, and Flynn’s hand slid under his sweater in the dark, finding bare skin and rubbing discreetly. Slowly. It wasn’t until that point that Dale realised he was shaking." -Silver Bullet Ranch

I absolutely love how Dale is so touched by the whole scene that it actually affects him physically. He even sheds a few tears in Flynn's arms after everyone goes inside. I've always thought it was so powerful to him because of his own mother and everything he'd been working through recently surrounding his relationship with her.

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Re: The Sweet Moments

Post by Grayson on Sat Jul 02, 2016 5:51 am

I find this little sniping rather touching

" I like it clean."
"You're as bad as Dale."
That was something David had never said, but Paul gave the table rather a wry smile. - Three Traders


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Re: The Sweet Moments

Post by Rochnariel on Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:01 am

This has always stuck with me.  The image so clear in my head from my first read of these stories.

Dale had a sudden, flashing image of the two of them lying in the grass around noon today as he had seen them while he worked on one of the tractors. Not talking; Jake had been reading a book he had pulled from his pocket, propped on one elbow on his side, absently chewing on a stalk of hay. Tom lay in front of him and a little below him, one arm under his head, watching the sky. And that was all, unless you saw that Tom lay in the shade cast by Jake's body.

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Re: The Sweet Moments

Post by alunmo on Sat Jul 02, 2016 9:25 am

One of my favorites:

Moving softly, Flynn opened his own bedroom door, which was ajar now rather than closed, and that warned him.
Jasper had stripped as far as his jeans and he’d pulled the thong that bound his hair at
the nape of his neck so it spilled over his shoulders. Bare chested, bare foot, which
tended to be very much his natural state, he was leaning against the window seat, legs
stretched out and crossed at the ankle, arms folded, and his eyes had been on Dale, who
was asleep.

Flynn sat down on the windowsill beside him, and Jasper’s shoulder blocked against his,
solid, warm, and the silence continued to blossom and to twine through the room,
something peaceful and a fluid part of the darkness.


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Re: The Sweet Moments

Post by Fallschancefan on Sat Jul 02, 2016 3:09 pm

Grandfather sheltering Jasper from the wind, a bit like Tom resting in Jake's shade.

They would eat with knives and fingers, the neat way that his grandfather had taught him, with the thumb flat along the blade of the knife, and when the fish were cooked, Jasper put his grandfather’s share on the plate and put it within his grandfather’s sight, sitting quietly to eat and to watch him. There was snow on the wind; the scent of it was strong and the clouds were lowering.
Grandfather dug the prayer stick into the ground at the foot of a trunk of a cedar tree, glanced back to him and his eyes smiled. He rose quite stiffly and took up the plate, taking a seat with his shoulder close to Jasper’s and in a way that shielded the wind from him.
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Re: The Sweet Moments

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