Trivia answers Dec 1st-7th

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Trivia answers Dec 1st-7th Empty Trivia answers Dec 1st-7th

Post by Trisha Louise on Sat Dec 08, 2018 3:16 am

It's been fun reading everyone's guesses to the trivia questions. I hope you've all enjoyed the hunt.  Here's the answers for days 1 through 7 and the next batch will follow in a week. How did you go?



Dec 1st

1. James and Niall live in which American city?


2. Bear was doing what work when he met David?

Working with the circus elephants in Pinedale. 

3. Phillip reads what story to Gerry and the family in Cobble Hill?

 A Christmas Carol 

4. In whose company would you be if you visited the Theatre des Bouffes du Nord on December 5th? 

Darcy and Luath's 

Dec 2nd

1. Which two horses do Dale and Riley take to the tops on Dale's birthday? 

Coal and Diva  ( Madison Hall)

2. According to Paul, who is Project #449?

 Flynn  (Paget Creek)

3. Where will you find Colwyn, Harlech, Pembroke and Cardiff?

 In the shire horse paddock  (Paget Creek)

Dec 3rd

1. Which two men push James in Phillip's 

 George Brindlow and Daniel  (Boston Harbour)

2. Which two characters are known for their moustaches? 

Ash and Ash

3. Who wrote the poem Dale found slipped between the pages of a book? About whom was it written?

Paul wrote it about David 

Dec 4th

1. With just 18 minutes and 42 seconds to get the job properly done, how much time do Dale and Riley have to spare when they finally arrived at breakfast? 

A minute and a third  (Madison Hall)

2. Phillip's family attend which choir service each year to start their Christmas? 

Memorial Church at Harvard University  (The Willows)

3. Riley's computer game of choice is:

a. Solitaire 
b. FreeCell 
c. Frogger
d. Can he play it on a horse?

b. FreeCell 

Dec 5th

1. Dennis is:
a. A postman 
b. A sheriff's deputy
c. A tw*t (ahem, thank you David)

b. A sheriff's deputy  (and a bit of c.)

2. How did Mallard Smythe and Robert Arrard earn a living? 

As crew of the Mary Jane  (The Citadel)

3. You're reading the Morning Herald. Where are you? 

Three Traders  (SBR)

Dec 6th

1. Which horses were part of Phillip's good manners session?

 Blaze, Gator and Cricket  (The Landing Strip)

2. How many horses were bought at auction? Can you name 3 of them?

 Five. Two mares plus Bodger, Gareth and Twinkle  (Washington Square)

3. Who was part of the "huge great whacking Top plot"? 

Jake and Flynn  (MEC)

Dec 7th

1. According to Darcy, which part of Dale's anatomy can be set to "stun" or "kill"? 

Eyebrows (On the Corner of 5th)

2. What do Llanvair and Dale have in common?

 They were both born in Shropshire.  (Jackson High)

3. How many thousand acres is the Ranch?

 Twelve thousand  (Echo)
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