Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st

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Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st Empty Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st

Post by Trisha Louise on Sat Dec 22, 2018 11:11 am

Here you go, the next batch. How did you go?


Dec 15th:

 1. "Appetite is ______as much as _______".

 Eyes; stomach (Where the Stock Pot Sings)

 2. Retired by 26, who am I?

 Gareth (Washington Square)

 3. Where would you bump into Karl and Sam?

 At the door to Luath's building. (On the Corner of 5th)

Dec 16th:

 1.  Who said: "You help or get out the their way?" 

Philip (as told by Gerry in Handbags at Dawn)

2.  Who has "crackling blue eyes that took no bull from anyone"? 

Paul (as described by Flynn in Paget Creek)

3.  What is Emmett's last name? 

Pearce (FCR)

4.  Who took 'what looked like savage pride in there being no such thing as too hard, too heavy, too long too far, or too hot?"  a.  David b.  Gerry  c.  Dale
 d.  Flynn   

Flynn (Mustang Hill as remembered by Luath). 

Dec 17th:

1. Which female won Jasper's heart? 

 Gucci ( Washington Square and elsewhere)

2. Darcy spent the night with which stylish man?  a. Luath  b. Danek   c. Dale  d. Mind your own business

 b. Danek (On the Corner of 5th)

 3. Please pinpoint the pressing problem posed by a pursuing porpoise.  

It treads on a whiting's tail (Will You Walk a Little Faster?) 

Dec 18th:

1. You fancy a pre Christmas orgy. Who can host that and where? 

   Charles at his Long Island Mansion (Keeper's Yard)

 2. Which horses ends up on a lunging rein for throwing Riley?

Snickers (The Brig) 

 3. Which man made the medals league for passive aggressiveness according to Riley? Which man fell short? 

 Bear; Mason (MEC)

Dec 19th:

1. The White Knight was in the service of ..... ?


 2. When was the garage constructed?

 Late 1960s (Mustang Hill)

 3. Who led the ballet down hill?  

Roger, Gerry and Pirate (Keeper's Yard)

Dec 20th:

1. Paul wishes he could grow which crop?

 Corn (Mustang Hill)

2. A whoop in the night, O___O___O___F___ 

'Olly olly oxen free!' (SBR)

3. Dale's introduction to cupcakes came in what flavour? 

Strawberry and cream  ( Handbags at Dawn) 

Dec 21st:

1. What was Roger's name for an eatery he and Luath enjoyed together?

Delhi Hell  (SBR) 

2. Philip rescued Napalm from where?

 A machinery yard (The Landing Strip) 

3. Whom does the grail serve? 

It serves the grail King  (SBR)
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Trisha Louise
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Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st Empty Re: Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st

Post by jkfan on Sat Dec 22, 2018 1:39 pm

Thanks for the answers, Trish.  I was going nuts trying to find the answer for Roger and Luath's eatery.  Now
I can concentrate on who paid Gerry's parking ticket!!
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Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st Empty Re: Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st

Post by Hayjude on Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:41 pm

That one also has me drawing a blank, Cheryl. And the hints just made things worse!
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Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st Empty Re: Trivia answer Dec 15th-21st

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